Friday, June 27, 2008

Chesterton's Pamphlets

In addition to eight books, Cecil Chesterton authored a number of pamphlets. I am aware of four of these pamphlets:

Co-operative production an outline of the principles sought to be applied to the granite industry – 1900

The Basis of Socialism – ca 1905/10

The People’s Drink: a Consumers View of the Drink Problem – 1909

An Englishman’s Experience with Temperance Reform – 1915

Also, a transcript of a debate between Chesterton and George Sylvester Viereck (publisher of the Fatherland newspaper and author of some interesting books such as The House of the Vampire) on “Whether the Cause of Germany or that of the Allied Powers is Just” was published in pamphlet form by Viereck in 1915.

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